Education Uninterrupted: Compendium of promising practices

This Compendium presents a collection of promising practices to support continuous, gender-transformative, safe, resilient, and inclusive quality education for children, adolescents, and youth in all their diversity.

Cover of the Compendium of promising practices in Education.

The aim is to provide practitioners working across the education sector with a toolkit of evidence-based interventions that can be incorporated into future work.

The Compendium showcases practices across Plan International’s education interventions that consistently demonstrated positive outcomes.

The Education Uninterrupted conceptual framework looks across the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding spaces to articulate the key components of an education model that can be prioritised in different contexts (conflict, climate, health, hunger, poverty), which can build individual and system resilience and mitigate the impact of crisis, whilst ensuring education continuity and a gender-transformative approach. 

Download the Compendium:

Compendium of promising practices – English


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Compendium of Promising Practices – French


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Compendium of Promising Practices – Spanish


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