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Children and young people have a right to a quality education – one that is safe, child-friendly and includes a broad range of life experiences and learning processes. Their education should promote human rights and gender equality, be fully inclusive and be adapted to meet children's diverse needs.

We are dedicated to providing a quality learning environment for children that provides them with a meaningful and relevant education and supports them to develop to their full potential.

We work closely with education providers to ensure all children have relevant curriculums, receive appropriate teaching and learning resources and that they can enjoy safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environments.

To achieve this, we are committed to ensuring there are sufficient teachers who have the knowledge, skills and attitude to provide this, and that they have the capacity and resources to respond to learners' different needs, particularly those with disabilities.

We place a heavy emphasis on addressing violence in education and working with duty bearers, whose responsibility it is to protect children in their care.

Our quality education work directly supports Sustainable Development Goal target 4.7 of ensuring that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development.

Case study: Helping girls to go back to school in Pakistan

Girls studying at the new Fast Track Learning Centre, Pakistan
Girls studying at the new Fast Track Learning Centre in Mehwish's community

Mehwish, 16, from Southern Punjab, Pakistan, is one of thousands of girls being helped by Plan International Pakistan’s Girl Power Programme (GPP),  which supports girls who have dropped out of school to get back into education.

When Mehwish could no longer endure the rudeness of one of her teachers she dropped out of school to work long days in the cotton fields with her mother.  As time passed by she longed to go back to education but neither the school nor her family supported her return.

In July 2012, Plan International met with local community leaders who agreed to the establishment of a Fast Track Learning Centre through our Girl Power Programme.

 “I whispered then in heart …O Allah please make it happen in our village. I really want to link again myself with books, I wish to sit again in class,” says Mehwish.

I really want to link again myself with books, I wish to sit again in class

When the centre opened its doors, Mehwish took and passed the entry exam but soon found strong opposition from her brother in returning to school.

 “My brother sundered my books on knowing my audacity of admission in GPP. He was so enraged that he strictly disallowed me to go for studies,” she says.

The GPP team visited Mehwish’s family and convinced them of the importance of girls’ education and to support Mehwish in school.

Now Mehwish is one of 35 girls and young women in her community who attend the new centre, which supports them with quality education up to middle standard level.

“Through GPP I have reinvented the meanings of life which are Glorified, Progressive and Prosperous,” says Mehwish.