We are no longer the same, but we will be better

“I feel a little scared, it is a variety of emotions for this situation. I think several people also feel that way because there is more and more infection. What concerns me the most is the increase in contagion and violence against women and girls”, that is the analysis carried out by Stephanie, a girl living in El Salvador, she is 16 years old and she is part of the Plan International’s projects.

Stephanie studying at home.
Stephanie studying at home.

The quarantine began in El Salvador on march 2020 and since then, most sectors have been detained. 65,000 jobs are expected to be lost in the country, and one of the most  affected sectors will be youth employment. Face-to-face classes are not available and during this time of emergency, the National Council for Children and Adolescents (CONNA) indicated that they have received several warnings and they had attended psychological services, among others.

Stephanie highlights the need to promote healthy coexistence in homes. “We must respect the space of each member of the family, share household chores and all members participate in this activity, also if conflicts arise, resolve them with respect and patience. And a recreational activity would not hurt to be able to have fun as a family,” she emphasized.

Solidarity and mutual support are of great importance for girls and adolescents, as well as applying the knowledge acquired at Plan’s Leadership School.

“It has helped me a lot because despite this pandemic we can always be communicating with my Plan colleagues. It is trully glad to see them even if it is by in a virtual manner virtual because I miss them, but hopefully I can see them soon,” she said.

Self-confidence and improving how you relate to others are skills that you value very much during the emergency. “I have also been able to help and give information to girls in my community and to my classmates and friends” she said.

Stephanie’s new routine is to study on two different schedules a day one for classes and another for homework, which she receives through WhatsApp; She also collaborates with chores at home, shares a moment of recreation and ask friends and colleagues how they are during the quarantine.

“We will no longer be the same. When we finally come out of this pandemic, therefore it will be a great releaf, we must have patience and effectively address the problems that affect our communities the most, “stressed the young leader.

For her, unity, keeping high spirits, and complying with preventive measures are key to get ahead of this emergency.