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Young people demand climate action in the UK

Climate change activism

Children are the least responsible for creating global climate change but will bear the brunt of its effects. 

Girls are disproportionately affected by the effects of climate change as the daily inequality they face is amplified.

Plan International is supporting young people to become more aware of their rights and put themselves at the forefront of fight against the climate crisis and the need for resilience.

Plan International's policy position on girls, young women and climate change can be found here.

Global school climate strikes

Young people have been boycotting school to protest on Fridays since activist Greta Thunberg began her school strike for climate campaign in August 2018. 

Since then, school-age children worldwide have followed her lead, arguing they would rather be at school but their future is under serious threat from the effects of climate change. 

Plan International stands with young people striking and demanding action from global leaders. We also support young campaigners from our networks to attend global climate conferences and get their voices heard.

We are working with teachers and schools in the worst-hit areas to teach young people why climate change is happening, the risks they face and the actions they can take to become more resilient.

Leaders must listen to climate change activists

Young activists are increasingly taking action and speaking out about the urgency of reducing emissions. We must support them and put pressure on leaders to commit to tackling climate change, blogs Jess Cooke.

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Strengthening Resilience in Schools

Children’s education is often one of the first activities abandoned when disasters occur, yet it can play a critical role in building the resilience of children and their communities. Education is a key focus for our disaster preparedness and risk-reduction work.

Our Safe Schools Global Programme operated in 35 disaster-prone countries across the world, ensuring that schools were built safely and children were educated about disaster preparedness and risk reduction.


Our safe schools project in Rangpur, Bangladesh shows how the classroom can be an effective place to begin strengthening resilience across the whole community. 

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Plan International Philippines Youth Advocate, Marinel, 18, spoke to French actress Marion Cotillard about the impact the changing climate has on children and how young people can take the lead on climate change adaptation.

* All statistics from Unless we act now: The impact of climate change on children, UNICEF. November 2015.