Tessa Privacy Policy


The TESSA project (“TESSA”) is managed by Plan International, Inc. (“Plan International”), registered at 305 East 47th Street, New York, NY 10017, USA. 

The TESSA application relies on:

Facebook Messenger, which may share your personal data with other third parties. For more information on how this platform may share your personal data, please refer to Facebook’s Privacy Policy;
Google platform. For information on how this platform may share your personal data, please refer to: Google Cloud Privacy Policy;
Microsoft Azure platform. For information on how this platform may share your personal data, please refer to Azure Privacy Policy 

To contact Plan International about TESSA, please write us at tessa@plan-international.org.


Plan International is committed to ensuring the privacy of all our users and to ensuring that all personal data provided to us is handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Philippines Data Privacy Act of 2012.

By using TESSA, you consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy. Plan International may change the terms of this Privacy Policy from time to time and, if such changes are made, we will notify you of those changes by contacting you if appropriate or publishing the updated Privacy Notice. If you do not consent to the changes in the Privacy Policy then you should cease using TESSA. Your continued use of TESSA after being notified of such changes constitutes acceptance of the modified terms.


The type and amount of information we receive and store depends on how you use TESSA. Personal information that is collected and stored generally includes Facebook sender ID and anything which you enter into TESSA including (but not limited to): name, address, email address, age, date of birth, gender, contact information, education and work history, skills and awards and job preferences.

TESSA also collects information about your usage of the application, including your Internet Protocol address and the time, date and duration of your usage. Additional information will only be use for the purpose of troubleshooting system issues. 


TESSA will ask you to read the data privacy policy and terms of service before you can proceed with using TESSA. You should be 18 years old and above to use TESSA. If you are under 18 years old, you must stop using TESSA. 

You will be requested to provide your personal information through the chat based text input in Facebook Messenger. We only collect your personal information that you input in TESSA. Inputting your personal information in TESSA is considered as your consent to our collection and processing of such information. If you do not consent to us collecting and using your personal information, then you will not be able to use TESSA because TESSA requires that information in order to operate. The data is requested so that TESSA can function and so that you can then use the functionalities in the application. 

Your personal information will be used to create a resume/CV for you; to match you with training opportunities and notify you of those opportunities; and increase your visibility of job openings for which you can then apply. In addition to providing you with services, the data you provide and which we collect, and analytics generated by the TESSA system about how people use it will be aggregated with data generated by other users, anonymized, and then used by Plan International to help improve PLAN’s Youth Economic Empowerment Programmes in the Philippines. The aggregated, anonymized, data, will also be used for research carried out by Plan International and its partner research organizations.  

We may hold your personal information for up to 5 years. Note that even if you delete your account, your personal information will not be deleted as retention of personal data may be allowed for legitimate business purposes under Section 19(d)(2) of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Data Privacy Act (the “IRR”). The data is retained to aid the purpose of but not limited to: The data is retained to aid the purpose of but not limited to: (1) Plan’s Skills & Opportunities for Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship (SOYEE) Programming and its Monitoring & Evaluation of programs developed under this framework and (2) To use analytics for programming insights and design interventions for future Youth Economic Empowerment Programs and ensure TESSA design to be consistently not only ‘fit to purpose’ but ‘fit for use’
Your personal information will also be used for historical, statistical and other research purposes especially to aid the implementation of the aforementioned Youth Economic Empowerment Programmes in the Philippines, as allowed by Section 19(e)(1) of the IRR. Your personal information, along with that of other users, might be retained for more than 4 years, in an aggregated and anonymized form, as allowed by Section 19(e)(2) of the IRR. 


The information you provide will not be sold or rented out by Plan International.

TESSA relies on Facebook Messenger, Google platform and Microsoft Azure platform as set out at the start of this Privacy Policy, thus your personal information will also be processed by these applications. For information on how these platforms may use or share your personal data please see each organization’s respective privacy policies.

The aggregated, anonymized, data, will be used for research carried out by Plan International and its partner research organizations.  

Plan International reserves the right to comply with valid legal requests, including the disclosure of user information, from regulatory agencies, governmental bodies or other authorities. 


Personal data, in its aggregate and anonymized form, may be shared with Plan International offices in other countries for the purposes stated above. In addition, in order to administer TESSA, we store and process your personal information outside the Philippines. We use Microsoft Azure services to store data and Google platform and Facebook Messenger to process conversations. These service providers will may not use the data for other purposes.


You will only receive an email from TESSA if you choose to receive it. You may choose to receive notifications on Facebook messenger. If you wish to stop receiving such notifications, you can opt out under the Settings tab in TESSA.


The collection and use of personal information on this site is in accordance with the Philippines Data Protection Act 2012 and other applicable laws.


If you wish to make a formal complaint to the supervisory authority where you live, or work or where you believe there has been an infringement of your rights under the Data Protection Act 2012, please contact the supervisory authority in the National Privacy Commission in the Philippines.


You have rights of access to personal information that we hold about you, to correct or delete information, in some circumstances, to object to our processing of your information, under data privacy law. If you wish to exercise any of these rights or have any questions about this policy, please contact the Data Controller (contact information below). Please be aware that the TESSA application requires access to your data in order to operate. Accordingly, if you require us to delete all or some of your data, then TESSA may not continue to function and you will then not be able to use TESSA.


For all queries relating to your personal information, please contact the TESSA team: tessa@plan-international.org

Last updated October 2018