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Smart ICT investment for CRVS

Smart ICT Investment for CRVS: A Global Business Case


Smart ICT Investment for Civil Registration and Vital Statistics: A Global Business Case

In light of the increasing focus and commitment towards strengthening Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) systems, technical experts from Plan International, UNICEF and WHO came together at the Asia-Pacific CRVS Ministerial Conference, 24-28 Nov 2014, to conceive a global business case for smart information and communications technology (ICT) investments in CRVS, recognising that:

  • ICT has the potential to provide transformative improvements in CRVS systems based on its ability, among others, to ensure universal coverage (meaning no one is left behind), to standardise and streamline registration processes, to ensure system interoperability and provide secure storage;
  • ICT will constitute a substantial cost and a significant proportion of CRVS investments (e.g. 30% of the costs proposed for Bangladesh CRVS system strengthening are directly related to ICT);
  • There is a substantial need and strong demand from developing countries for unbiased, high quality technical assistance on effective planning, implementation and on-going use of ICT for CRVS; and
  • Current sources of information on CRVS digitisation¬†are not meeting country needs and due to technological advances in recent years, are now critically out-of-date.