Safe and inclusive cities: summary brief

A summary brief detailing key learnings and impact of the Safe and Inclusive Cities Programme for urban areas in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe between 2018 – 2020.

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This summary brief details the actions and change achieved between 2018 – 2020 of the Safe and Inclusive Cities Programme.

This programme is based on the key assumption that the drivers of urban fragility in informal settlements are unsafety, unemployment, and limited participation in decision-making, while simultaneously, urban youth-led community based organisations and youth savings networks as well as relevant civil society partners, government authorities, and private sector actors have capacity and creative resources to build on.

By strengthening young peoples’ capacity to collectively address all of the drivers of urban fragility the programme aims to contribute to making cities safer, more economically dynamic and more inclusive for young people. 

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safe and Inclusive Cities: Summary Brief November 2021


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