Policy Brief: The Hunger Crisis and its Impact on Girls

This policy brief sets out Plan International's policy position on the hunger crisis and its impact on girls.

This year, 50 million people across 45 countries are on the brink of famine – the deadliest form of hunger – within an unprecedent crisis.

As the reality of this crisis unfolds, the specific and differential impact of hunger on girls often remains unacknowledged and unaddressed.

Women and girls account for 70% of the world’s hungry. As a result of gender inequality, girls and women regularly eat less and last in countries facing conflict, famine and hunger.

Yet food insecurity places girls at risk not only of hunger, but gender-based discrimination and violence. As poverty and a lack of access to livelihoods deepen, families increasingly resort to negative coping mechanisms, heightening girls’ risk of child, early and forced marriage and unions, unintended pregnancy, child labour, sexual exploitation and abuse.

Hunger Crisis Impact Policy Brief – English


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