Early Childhood Development, Gender Socialisation and Men’s Engagement

Early Childhood Development, Gender Socialisation and Men's Engagement: an annotated bibliography
10 August 2018

This annotated bibliography seeks to update the knowledge base on early childhood development, gender socialisation and men's engagement. It provides a brief overview of the state of evidence on this important topic.

This annotated bibliography has been developed to assess what evidence exists in relation to parenting and gender socialisation, men’s engagement and gender norm change and their linkages to early childhood development (ECD). It identifies key knowledge gaps to inform Plan International’s research agenda. This annotated bibliography also identifies tools and resources for programming promoting men’s engagement and gender-responsive parenting/care-giving.

Given the dearth of literature on many aspects of ECD, this annotated bibliography is focussed on just 2 key areas:

  1. 1. Role of parents as actors in early childhood gender socialisation, and effective parenting approaches for promoting positive gender socialisation.
  2. 2. Men’s engagement in the care and development of young children.

The annotated bibliography includes a selection of recent papers, reports, publications and tools that address these research questions.

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Early childhood development, Parenting