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Girls' Takeover 2018

During #GirlsTakeover, girls stepped up while leaders stepped aside, becoming Presidents, Ministers and CEOs and more to demand equality all over the world.

See how the Girls Takeover spread worldwide on our global map of social media messages.

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Over 1,000 takeovers in more than 70 countries

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The importance of #GirlsTakeover

This global action for International Day of the Girl is a call for a social and political revolution to tear down the barriers that continue to hold girls back. By occupying spaces and places where they are rarely seen or heard, girls and young women are showing where they belong and demanding equality.

Hundreds of leaders and decision-makers worldwide stepping aside to support girls to take charge demonstrates real commitment to the rights of girls. #GirlsTakeover shows powerfully that people are standing up for girls and for change.

When girls have equal opportunities, they can transform their lives and communities.

About International Day of the Girl

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