The Girls’ Plan

Supporting girls and young women to overcome the barriers they face.

No single issue defines a girl’s life. From the moment they are born, girls face many intersecting barriers on their path to adulthood. 

The Girls' Plan

Through programming, influencing and campaigning, Plan International and our partners challenge these injustices to ensure girls are able to unlock their power, are free from violence and discrimination and enjoy their full and equal rights. 

The Girls’ Plan shows the 6 key areas where investment in girls is needed:

  • Girls get an equal and fair start in life 
  • Girls get into school and complete quality education 
  • Girls get to live free from violence
  • Girls get to decide what happens to their bodies and enjoy their sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • Girls and young women get equally paid and are economically independent
  • Girls get equal power and become active citizens

Evidence from our work shows that achieving these changes requires a complementary, multi-level approach combining three aspects: girls’ empowerment, families’ and community mobilisation; economic resources and incentives; and legal and policy reform. 

If your organisation would like to be a part of the Girls’ Plan, please contact us: