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#GirlsTakeover 2019

1,000 takeovers. Over 60 countries. Explore the map below to see how girls are breaking the stereotypes that hold them back by stepping into the shoes of top leaders as part of the Girls Get Equal campaign. Show your support and share #GirlsTakeover.


What is a #GirlsTakeover?

A #GirlsTakeover involves a girl stepping into the role of a leader to call for social and political change to tear down the barriers of discrimination that continue to hold girls back. 

This International Day of the Girl, over 1,000 girls across the world will assume leading roles in the media, entertainment, business and politics to demand equal power, freedom and representation for girls and young women.

This year, girls are calling for a radical change in the portrayal of girls and young women in films and entertainment, textbooks, advertising, video games and through all forms of communication.

They are challenging the stereotypes reinforced by the media and entertainment as these portrayals influence how girls view themselves. Girls want real stories of their power and leadership potential to be shared, not content that limits their rights and choices.

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