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How we are financed

Our life-changing, global work to advance children's rights and gender equality for girls is only possible thanks to our many supporters, both individual, corporate and institutional. Without it, we would be unable to support lasting changes for children and communities.

Girl collecting WASH kit after Nepal earthquake

Fundraising is one of the many responsibilities of our 21 National Organisations. Some of our Country Offices also have local fundraising programmes that raise money for work in their own country.

Our funds come from 2 main sources: child sponsorship, which is regular income from individual donors around the world, and grants income which comes from organisations and businesses. We also raise funds to respond to disasters and for the Because I am a Girl movement.

We spend programme funds in 51 developing countries worldwide. In these countries, we run programmes in 8 key areas in which we can effectively contribute to the realisation of child rights by applying our CCCD approach: the right to a healthy start to life; the right to sexual and reproductive health (including HIV); the right to education; the right to water and sanitation; the right to economic security; the right to protection from all forms of abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence; the right to participate as a citizen; and the right to protection and assistance in emergencies. 

Information on our funds and spending

Trust and transparency is really important to us. We are one of the many responsible global organisations to publish combined worldwide financial statements in our Worldwide annual review that detail the income we receive and how we spend it.

Last year (2014-15), we raised €822 million – which was14% more than the previous year. During the same period, we spent €810 million on carrying out programme work and on operations that help us change the lives of children across the globe.

The support of committed donors means we can run innovative programmes worldwide that transform children’s lives.

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