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Child sponsorship

Throughout Plan International’s history, child sponsorship has been a primary source of income. Because our child sponsors are committed to helping us create lasting change, we can carry out long-term development projects that make a difference to communities for many years.

We work hard to communicate effectively with both our sponsors and the sponsored children and their families. Sponsors receive regular updates about our work in the country and community where their sponsored child lives. They can also enjoy a unique cultural exchange by writing and receiving letters, photos and postcards. To protect the children we work with, these communications are arranged through our National and Country Offices. 

I went to visit my sponsored child, Ruby in Ghana, Africa. The money from sponsors funds so many amazing projects. It makes more of a difference than you can even imagine!
Kaitlyn, sponsor from Plan International Canada

We run and support programmes in partnership with children, communities and their leaders, local organisations and social movements, parents and care-givers to ensure that our work makes the greatest possible contribution to children’s lives.

Plan International is a well-established partner in the places where sponsored children live. We have built up expert knowledge of local issues in these areas, which we combine with global technical knowledge and expertise in areas relating to development and child rights. This means we can support life-changing programmes that are relevant to specific local contexts, but which are underpinned by a broader technical understanding of the issues we work on. 

“Since Plan International has been working in our community, we have learned that it is important to give an equal chance to both girls and boys.  We had meetings about our role in the new Early Education Centre; we want to make sure more girls will benefit from it.” Aminta, 53, from Barouéli, Mali