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Plan International has a zero tolerance policy on all fraud, bribery and corruption. Our Counter Fraud Unit is dedicated to preventing, detecting and investigating cases of fraud. Read about some recently resolved cases below and download full reports.

We thoroughly investigate each case of fraud, recover costs wherever possible and analyse how each instance can be avoided in the future.

Materials taken from refugee camp in Asia/Pacific – July 2019

A Plan International staff member was found to be taking materials from a refugee camp and was dismissed.

Unauthorised cash withdrawals in West/Central Africa – April 2020

Unauthorised withdrawals were made from ATMs using a Plan International debit card. An investigation found negligence and non-compliance issues. The staff member concerned was given a warning. A police investigation was inconclusive.

Duplicate salary paid in Asia/Pacific – August 2020

A temporary staff member received a duplicate salary prior to leaving. Mediation was agreed as an alternative to prosecution to recover the lost funds.

False COVID-19 claim by staff member in Middle East, Eastern/Southern Africa – December 2020

A staff member submitted a false claim for a COVID-19 test and took time off work to quarantine. Fraud was substantiated and the staff member was dismissed.

Invoices not paid in the Americas – February 2021

Staff members failed to pay catering invoices. A staff member resigned prior to the conclusion of an investigation and 3 further staff members were dismissed. The lost funds were recovered.