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Plan International has a zero tolerance policy on all fraud, bribery and corruption. Our Counter Fraud Unit is dedicated to preventing, detecting and investigating cases of fraud. Read about some recently resolved cases below and download full reports.

We thoroughly investigate each case of fraud, recover costs wherever possible and analyse how each instance can be avoided in the future.

Second-hand IT equipment purchased in the Americas – March 2020

A partner organisation was purchasing second-hand IT equipment but charging Plan International the full price of new equipment. The partner organisation dismissed the responsible staff members and returned the funds (€27,905).

Fraudulent use of fuel coupons in Middle East, eastern/southern Africa – May 2020

Staff members were alleged to be taking money by fraudulently issuing fuel coupons. The allegations were substantiated. One staff member was dismissed for fraud and another was disciplined for negligence.

Bribes taken by a partner in Asia – June 2020

A partner organisation's staff member was suspected of extorting bribes from beneficiaries. The allegations were substantiated, and the staff member was dismissed. The cash was recovered and paid back to the beneficiaries.

Alleged tax evasion in west/central Africa – August 2020

A departing staff member was alleged to have evaded tax in the sale of a vehicle. No fraud was identified, and the tax issue was resolved with the revenue authority.

Job vacancies posted on fraudulent website in Middle East, eastern/southern Africa – August 2020

Genuine Plan International vacancies were being posted on a fraudster's website, which was charging applicants to apply. The matter was reported to the authorities.