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Plan International has a zero tolerance policy on all fraud, bribery and corruption. Our Counter Fraud Unit is dedicated to preventing, detecting and investigating cases of fraud. Read about some recently resolved cases below and download full reports.

We thoroughly investigate each case of fraud, recover costs wherever possible and analyse how each instance can be avoided in the future.

Inflated fuel prices in Middle East, Eastern/Southern Africa – October 2019

A Plan International staff member was suspected of inflating fuel prices. Fraud was substantiated, the staff member was dismissed, and the lost funds were recovered.

Inflated expenses in West and Central Africa - February 2020

Three staff members were suspected of inflating travel and other expenses. One staff member resigned before the investigation and the other 2 were dismissed after the allegations were proven.

Inflated salary costs by a partner in Asia and the Pacific – April 2020

A partner organisation inflated salary costs on a grant funded project. Fraud was substantiated, the partnership was terminated, and the lost funds were recovered.

Incorrect recording of delivered goods in Asia and the Pacific – July 2020

A partner organisation recorded goods as received when they had not been fully delivered. Procurement irregularities were identified alongside false reporting by the partner organisation. The partnership was terminated, and the suppliers were blacklisted.

Forged signature in the Americas – October 2020

A Plan International staff member forged a manager's signature on payment documents. Fraud was substantiated and the staff member was dismissed.