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Child Protection

All children have the right to feel safe, both at home and at school. Plan International is committed to protecting children from violence and working with communities, families, schools and governments to make sure that all children are safe and have their rights respected.

Asia is one of the most culturally diverse regions in the world and violence against children is found in all settings – in families, schools, communities, on the streets, in institutions of residential care, in the workplace and in prisons or correctional institutions.

Children are especially vulnerable after natural disasters, so Plan International has established Child Friendly Spaces in the Philippines after Cyclone Haiyan and in Nepal after the two devastating earthquakes. These spaces offer children a space to come together and play, learn and feel safe. They also create a sense of routine for children whose daily lives have been severely disrupted.

Over the next decade, it is estimated that out of the 1.27 billion children in Asia, 600 million (or almost 50%) will be severely deprived of some of their fundamental rights to food, water, health services, shelter, education and protection.

Plan International is committed to working with governments, communities, parents and schools to ensure people are aware of children's rights and can play an active role in protecting them from harm.

We have provided training in child rights, positive discipline and parenting techniques to families across the region. 

Children at a Child Friendly Space in Sindhupalchok district -one of the most heavily devastated areas after the Nepal earthquakes.

Plan International has build Child Friendly Spaces in some of the areas that were most severely damaged after the Nepal earthquakes in April and May. These spaces support children to come together and play, while sharing their experiences from the earthquakes and to begin recovering from the trauma they have experienced.