Girls’ petition against online misinformation

Globally, we’re living through massive digital change. The spread of false information online is an issue of our times. It affects all of us. But for girls, the impact is devastating.

False information has real life consequences. It is dangerous, it affects girls’ mental health, and it’s yet another thing holding them back.

Girls want the skills to navigate false information online. And they want all children to be taught digital literacy skills to prevent the spread. It’s a vital step. 

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Thanks to massive global support, the girls’ petition calling on national governments to educate children in digital literacy to combat the spread of false information online achieved 49,524 signatures from 149 countries.

Girls have made their voices heard. But this is just the first step in securing an online world that is safe and free from violence.

Everyone has and must play a role so that girls are #FreeToBeOnline – we will continue calling on governments that have the primary responsibility and power to address online violence, misinformation and disinformation, and ensure inclusive online spaces for all.

Social media companies must do more to prevent harm

Everyone has a role to play to tackle false information online. Social media companies must do more to prevent the harms their platforms can cause. And while protecting freedom of speech and expression, governments must make sure they are properly regulated. Regulation takes time, girls also want action now. Increasing digital literacy is a vital step so girls are free to be online.

Help raise our voices

Young activists, girls who wrote the Free to Be Online petition.

We represent the 26,000 girls who spoke to Plan International about the spread of false information online. Nine out of 10 girls have been harmed by it.

We are urgently calling on governments around the world to act now.

Every day we see lies and stereotypes about our bodies, who we are and how we should behave.

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Videos and images are manipulated to shame us. There are fake facts about the COVID vaccine. And we watch as women leaders – our role models – are undermined with rumours and conspiracy theories.

False information makes us doubt our worth. It harms our mental health. It affects our trust in politics. And most of all? It stops us reaching our potential.

This problem is increasing every day, especially as the pandemic moves our lives online.

Right now? We’re left to deal with it on our own.

We are urgently asking governments to educate us – and all children – in digital literacy. Girls need to be able to tell what’s true from what’s false. And all young people need to be able to question information and check facts before they share it. This is a vital step.

Through the internet we can learn, connect, express our thoughts and talents, have fun and discover new horizons. But we’re being held back!

The power to help us seek and spread the truth is in their hands.

Help raise our voices! Please sign our petition.

Maria, 17, Bolivia; Kumkum, 16, India; Nuria, 18, Peru; Sandra, 16, US; Neha, 19, Nepal; Dedeou, 21, Mali; Ronja, 21, Finland; Madjidath, 22, Benin, Gradi, 20, Malawi.