Trash the harmful gender stereotypes that hold girls back

It’s time to #RewriteHerStory

From helpless romantic to the emotional drama queen, we’re tired of seeing harmful female stereotypes in the media and entertainment. They are damaging what we believe we can do, what we believe we can achieve and where we believe we belong in the world. It’s gone on too long and it needs to stop.  

Help us trash gender stereotypes by telling the people with power in media and entertainment what you’re sick of seeing.

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The world’s most popular films are sending the message to girls and young women that leadership is mostly for men. Women leaders – be they presidents, CEOs or business owners – are far more likely to be portrayed as sex objects, shown in revealing clothing or even naked on the big screen. 

Research from the Girls Get Equal campaign and the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media has analysed the 56 top-grossing films in 20 countries.

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