How to build a social media campaign

Youth activists Kim and Maya explain how to build a successful social media campaign.

Social media is an excellent tool for campaigning. It can be used to gain global attention and connect with supporters from around the world.

Managing your campaign’s social media can seem like a daunting task to undertake as it needs to be constantly updated and monitored. However, as youth activists Maya and Kim show in this video, it can be fun, creative and help create a successful campaign.

Maya and Kim’s top tips for how to build a social media campaign

  1. Be consistent: Putting out regular, quality content will give you a wider audience and keep them wanting to see more. 
  2. Encourage interaction: Try to boost engagement with your audience by using polls, surveys and other interactive tools. This will show that you care about your audience’s opinion and that you are interested to hear it.
  3. Know your audience: Think about who your target audience is. What language do they use? What issues are they concerned about? Use this information and tailor your social presence to match.
  4. Show why you care: Emphasise the relationship you have with the campaign you are discussing and invite your audience into your personal sphere. This will make you a lot more relatable and therefore more likely to be listened to.
  5. Use hashtags: Friendly hashtags will draw a wider audience to your campaign
  6. Make content you love: Make content about issues and campaigns that you are passionate about. Your passion is what will interest others.