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Unlock the power of girls by watching and sharing our video produced for International Day of the Girl, 11 October, as an act of solidarity with girls worldwide.

Thirteen girls from 8 countries perform this dynamic rendition of ‘Yet’ – a poem by British writer and performer Keisha Thompson – to rally girls around the struggle to overcome discrimination, claim their rights and celebrate their futures.

“Women are chief executives and prime ministers. They are also down trodden and denied the right to dream,” say the girls.

Global moment for girls

11 October has been a key global moment to celebrate the power of girls and highlight the barriers they face since the United Nations adopted it as International Day of the Girl in December 2011.   

Join the movement Plan International led the call for an international day of recognition for girls and achieving it was one of the earliest goals of our Because I am a Girl campaign.

We led the global effort to build a coalition of support behind the Day of the Girl, securing critical support from the Canadian government which took our call all the way to the United Nations.

Ensuring girls' rights

International Day of the Girl
Girls march through Uganda to mark the International Day of the Girl.

Firstly, we worked with girls themselves, who truly believed that an international day could be a launch pad for global action on girls’ rights. They were crucial in the global movement to establish the Day of the Girl. Through their stories, ideas and views it was clear that an international day for girls would bring global focus to their lack of representation in the global development agenda. 

While there has long been an International Women's Day and an International Day of the Child, neither of these days recognise the unique position of girls. Our research has shown that girls have the power to break the inter-generational cycle of poverty not only for themselves, but for their families, communities and entire societies as well. Ensuring girls are respected and valued in society is the first step to breaking down discriminatory barriers.

International Day of the Girl events

Since the inauguration of the International Day of the Girl, the occasion has been celebrated in various ways around the world - from girls taking over parliaments to publicity stunts such as lighting up famous landmarks in pink.

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