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Ending violence against girls and women

Violence against girls and women is a global issue. It’s estimated around 1 in 3 women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual violence in their lives.

Members of Plan International’s Girl Leadership Project are tackling gender-based violence in Brazil
Girls from Brazil are calling for an end to gender-based violence as part of Plan International’s Girl Leadership Project.

An estimated 120 million girls globally have experienced rape or sexual violence. For most girls, this happens between the ages of 15 and 19, but it is also reported by girls much younger.

Acts of violence undermine girls’ self-esteem, their opportunity to finish school, their freedom of movement, and ultimately, their ability to thrive. In order for girls and women to reach their full potential they need to be able to grow in societies in which they are truly valued. This means a life free from violence so they can pursue their ambitions.  


Forms of violence that girls and women are exposed to include:


Tackling violence against girls and women

Plan International tackles the causes of gender-based violence by working with girls, boys, communities and partners to ensure girls aren’t held back.

Through our Urban Programme, we’re working in cities around the world to empower girls to speak out on issues they are facing and provide input into the development of inclusive cities where they can live free from discrimination.

Goals for Peace group members from São Luís
The involvement of boys and men in ending gender-based violence is key.

We’re also working to create safe school environments. These not only allow girls to make the most of their education but also establish tolerance and understanding between boys and girls that can be carried into wider society.

Working with boys and men is also fundamental to our approach. By supporting boys and men to understand the importance of respecting girls and ensuring they play a leading role in ending gender-based violence, we are transforming behaviours and creating lasting change.

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