Counter-fraud reports

Plan International has a zero tolerance policy on all fraud, bribery and corruption. Our Counter Fraud Unit is dedicated to preventing, detecting and investigating cases of fraud. Read about some recently resolved cases below and download full reports. 

We thoroughly investigate each case of fraud, recover costs wherever possible and analyse how each instance can be avoided in the future.

False expense claim in West/Central Africa – July 2021

A Plan International staff member submitted an expense claim which was suspected to be fraudulent. The staff member in question had their contract terminated. Recovery of lost funds (€968) was deemed impractical.

Money taken from community members in West/Central Africa – September 2021

A government entity reviewed a project overseen by Plan International and found that an associate employed by the city council had retained money meant for community members. The associate was dismissed by the city council and recovery of lost funds is being sought.

Alleged kickback payments for contracts in Asia-Pacific – November 2021

An anonymous complaint alleged that a Plan International staff member was receiving kickbacks for awarding contracts. The allegations were not substantiated and some control remediations were provided.

Supplier claims non-payment in the Americas – May 2022

A supplier claimed that a former Plan International staff member did not pay for goods before leaving the organisation. This claim was denied by the former staff member. It was decided that a payment of €95 should be paid to the supplier. Remediation measures were introduced and the supplier was blacklisted.

Catering invoices altered in the Americas – June 2022

Altered invoices for catering services raised a suspicion of fraud. Fraud was substantiated and the responsible member of staff was dismissed. Internal control measures were introduced and the service provider was blacklisted.

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