Counter-fraud reports

Plan International has a zero tolerance policy on all fraud, bribery and corruption. Our Counter Fraud Unit is dedicated to preventing, detecting and investigating cases of fraud. Read about some recently resolved cases below and download full reports. 

We thoroughly investigate each case of fraud, recover costs wherever possible and analyse how each instance can be avoided in the future.

Order not fulfilled in West/Central Africa – April 2021

Part of an order was not delivered despite being paid for in full. Excess payments had been taken by one former and one current Plan International staff member. The staff member was dismissed and the recovery of funds (€6,238) was deemed impractical.

Alleged bribery in Asia/Pacific – October 2021

An anonymous Facebook message alleged that a Plan International staff member was demanding bribes to appoint youth facilitators for a project. The allegation was not substantiated and no further action was taken.

Alleged corruption in Middle East, Eastern/Southern Africa – November 2021

A whistle-blower made multiple varied corruption allegations against several Plan International staff members. The whistle-blower failed to cooperate and the allegations were reviewed and discounted due to a lack of information.

Conflict of interest in Europe – February 2022

A whistle-blower raised a potential conflict of interest in the establishment of a programme. No malpractice was identified and no further action was taken.

Plan International impersonated in the Americas – February 2022

A community member paid a third-party impersonating Plan International for enrolment in a fake project. The incident was referred to the police.

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