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Join our emergency response roster

Plan International staff working to support children in Cameroon
We are working with children in Cameroon affected by the conflict with Boko Haram

Professionals who want to work with us in disasters can join our emergency response roster.

During large-scale humanitarian crises a country office can be stretched, with additional capacity required. The roster helps our offices get the critical surge support needed when responding to emergencies.

We are inviting strong humanitarians with appropriate experience to apply to be a roster member so we can increase our pool of high-capacity staff to respond to emergencies at any given time.

How to join

Successful applicants’ details are added to our emergency roster and they will be contacted when extra humanitarian personnel are needed to support on an emergency response. They may be expected to deploy within 72 hours of being contacted.

Apply to join Plan International’s emergency roster by visiting our recruitment site.


Angela’s deployment to South Sudan

Angela Machonesa was recently deployed as part of our response to the ongoing red alert in South Sudan.

Angela was deployed to our emergency response in South Sudan
Angela was deployed to our emergency response in South Sudan

“It was the right time to come, to support the country office's burden of work while exercising my communications passion to amplify the voices of children – especially girls – caught up in this crisis. Most of all, to strengthen Plan International's visibility as a humanitarian organisation that is present and helping families to cope.

“I joined a surge team of other international staff. Together with the local South Sudan team we coordinated the response in our operational areas, preventing the crisis from deteriorating into catastrophic levels while saving lives of the children and their families. Our response mainly covered general food distribution and nutrition interventions, education in emergencies and child protection in emergencies. 

“My experience here has been a mix of sheer thrill and blood-rush. I have taken countless helicopter and small aircraft flights over the magnificent Nile River, the mountainous and now green scenery of this country. I have met the kindest colleagues from different countries, cultures and tribes. I have tasted several local dishes, including wild fruits. 

“I have encountered the most awful situations too. The full glare of hunger, disease and even the deaths of toddlers. I have seen the horrific effects of war on children and their families. I listened to painful stories from girls, boys, mothers and fathers who luckily escaped from raging gunfire. 

“South Sudan could be the hardest place to work from, to be a child, to live as a girl or raise a family. It is quite fulfilling when I witness the impact our programmes have on communities that had barely nothing. The joy I see in the eyes of children dancing at our child-friendly spaces, or learning in our temporary school shelters. That smile of dignity from a girl receiving sanitary pads, or adults carrying seeds and tools or a month's supply of food is priceless and most rewarding.”

Apply to join Plan International’s emergency roster by visiting our recruitment site.