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What we do

Children use the wall as a whiteboard, PakistanPlan’s work in Pakistan covers 5 core areas, all of which are rooted in the rights of the child:

  • health
  • education
  • livelihoods
  • child and gender rights
  • disaster risk reduction and response


Plan Pakistan works to increase community involvement in order to improve health care and ensure that everyone’s health needs are addressed.

We target women and children’s health and help to increase awareness among adolescents regarding reproductive health issues. We also promote good hygiene behaviour related to safe drinking water, sanitation and other environmental health issues.


We work to ensure quality education through our school improvement programme. It increases the active involvement of children and adults in matters affecting children’s education, and improves school leadership and teaching practices.

We also work towards improving school facilities including infrastructure, equipment and material, and expanding and improving early childhood care and development.


We diversify and strengthen income generating opportunities for poor and vulnerable households. Our initiatives include increasing access to sustainable financial services (loans, credit facilities, etc.) and providing training and capacity building for business management techniques such as marketing, building business networks, keeping profit and expense logs, etc. 

We also provide vocational and technical skills training to women and men engaged in small-scale income generating activities and help to improve the skills of subsistence farmers.

Child and gender rights

This programme increases public awareness of children and women’s rights and improves health, education and protection services for children in difficult circumstances.

We also work to increase coverage of birth registration, that allows citizens easier access to health care and education, as well as greater protection against trafficking and child labour. Children have the right to participate in decisions that affect their lives. Plan Pakistan works with children and their communities to identify problems and implement solutions.

Disaster risk reduction and response

This programme helps communities to become more resilient in coping with hazards, building on Plan’s Child Centered Community Development approach.

We encourage young people and children to take an active role in assessing the risks in their own communities by analysing the causes of disasters and devising measures to protect the vulnerable.

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