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What we do

Girl painting, BangladeshPlan’s work in Bangladesh focuses on 4 key areas, all of which are rooted in the rights of the child:

  • child protection and participation
  • community learning
  • community managed health
  • disaster risk management

Child protection and participation

This programme works to create a protective environment, where children can develop and enjoy their rights. It lays the foundation for all of our other programmes and encompasses themes such as capacity building, gender awareness, advocacy and good governance.

We support children and their communities in participating fully in decisions that affect their lives to ensure that quality services are accessible to all.

Community learning

Plan Bangladesh works to ensure that disadvantaged children have the opportunity to learn and develop.

This programme aims to increase knowledge of and access to early childhood care and development (ECCD) and seeks to increase the successful completion of primary education for girls and boys.

Our ECCD programmes are now being implemented in 2,700 centres across the country, reaching 36,000 children. The target is to reach 1,000,000 children by 2012.

Community managed health

We work with health providers to strengthen community capacity to improve health conditions and child survival.

This programme specifically targets maternal and child health, nutrition, water and sanitation, and adolescent reproductive health issues.

Disaster risk management

This programme supports primary schools in disaster-prone areas to continue education services and address nutritional issues immediately after a disaster. If an earthquake were to happen, Plan would be part of immediate rescue operations in Plan programme areas in Dhaka City. However, in such situation Plan's major involvement will be at recovery and rehabilitation phases."