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What we do

building blocks - what we do in Paraguay

Plan’s work in Paraguay is based on an approach of respect for human rights, democracy and citizen participation, in order to help children and society to find solutions to their problems.

We implement 6 programmes based on this approach:

  • integrated health and education
  • child protection 
  • strengthening infant and youth development organisations 
  • safe and healthy environments 
  • household economic security 
  • food security and nutrition.

Integrated health and education

This programme implements actions in the area of health and education for children. Health work focuses on childhood illness, safe maternity, early child development and HIV and AIDS prevention.

We also help children to receive a quality education through activities that improve school environments, link families with teaching/learning processes for their children, develop new teaching skills, and promote child participation in school management.

Child protection

Plan works with civil society to help improve protection for children against all forms of violence. 

We also work to strengthen the National System for the Protection and Promotion of Children’s Rights to implement programmes that prevent family violence and child abuse and establish a culture of respect for the rights of children.

Strengthening infant and youth development organisations

Plan promotes and provides opportunities for children and adolescents to participate, so that they can freely express their opinion on matters that affect their lives and be taken into account in decision-making processes.

We also generate innovative strategies to develop and strengthen local child organisations and promote democratic management within family, school, community centres and local governments.

Safe and healthy environments

Plan supports communities and local governments in creating safe and healthy environments by protecting the environment and implementing risk management plans before natural disasters strike. 

The programme is conducted with the direct participation of children, their families and communities.

Household economic security

Plan strengthens the capacity of families and younger people, especially women, to access financial and economic resources to improve their quality of life. We provide technical support to help them generate additional funds and meet their needs for clothing, educating their children, and health costs.

Food security and nutrition

This programme promotes the right to food for every child – helping to prevent and reduce malnutrition problems. We work to improve access to safe, nutritious food, while protecting the environment.

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