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What we do

Plan's work in Honduras covers 6 core areas, all of which are rooted in the rights of the child:

Education for social change

Focusing on formal education for children up to grade 9, our integrated approach towards quality education includes teacher training, parent association training, student government training and supporting communities to repair and build new classrooms.

We also support family orientation centres which help early child development. Our approach includes elements of parent-centre staff training, nutritional control and parenting skills.

Healthy life and environment

Our health interventions focus primarily on 0-6 year olds, sexual reproductive health and HIV prevention. At present, we are also making significant efforts to help families protect themselves from Chagas disease.

Socio-economic development

Working with our experienced partners, we help to strengthen skills and open opportunities to extremely poor families by improving their access to financial and non-financial skills and services.

Protection against the worst forms of child labour

Hundreds of thousands of children in Honduras undertake work that is inappropriate for their age, such as harvesting coffee or melons. We train and influence children, their parents and employers about the rights of children. We also work with the authorities to help them apply and improve the law.

Protection against the worst forms of violence

Violence in the family, school and community is widespread. Plan promotes a peace culture by training children and their families so they can respond effectively to situations. We also help communities to demand their rights with authorities.

Participation, citizenship and democracy

Plan helps communities to identify development problems and implement solutions through their own efforts as well as linking them to municipal and national level processes. We also work at national and municipal level to influence public policies and encourage guarantors of rights, such as state institutions, to comply with their mandates.