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What we do

Schoolgirl, Haiti

Plan is working to ensure thousands of children have access to a quality education

Plan’s work in Haiti covers 4 key areas, all of which are rooted in the rights of the child:
  • healthcare and basic nutrition
  • quality education for boys and girls
  • household economic security
  • youth and community leadership.

Healthcare and basic nutrition

We address issues such as high infant and child mortality, maternal mortality, high prevalence of HIV and AIDS, and children’s malnutrition.

Plan also works on preventive care issues, support for HIV infected and affected people, support for orphans and vulnerable children, and community mobilisation activities.

We have programmes in nutrition, vaccination, training of health workers and leaders on integrated preventive health, and we support the construction and equipment of health centres.

Quality education for boys and girls

The emphasis on quality education for all boys and girls in the areas where we operate reflects national priorities as well as the needs identified by communities and our non-governmental organisation partners.

Plan’s commitment in the field of education includes enabling children to have access to formal pre-school education. To achieve this, we have worked to rehabilitate old school buildings and construct new ones. We have also implemented training for teachers and headmasters designed to meet the objectives of the Haitian Ministry of National Education.

Household economic security

Improving household and economic security is a major challenge for those living on the margins of survival. Plan focuses on microfinance initiatives – such as small loans and savings schemes – and works with partners to ensure individual loans are provided to women to help them start or expand their small business.

This helps the women to boost their household’s financial situation and support the needs and rights of their children.

We also help our partners to carry out entrepreneurship training for youngsters who have left school. This project provides a livelihood for young people through farming and the breeding and sales of rabbits.

Financial services are linked with educational programmes such as literacy and business skills training, in order to increase opportunities and maximise social impact.

Youth and community leadership

Plan’s focus is “child-centred community development”- which means we work with children and their communities, helping them to speak out, identify major obstacles to their development and implement long-term solutions.

Children have a right to be involved in decisions that affect their lives. Our work includes helping children and youths to realise their rights, organise themselves through support groups and participate in decision making at local and national level.

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