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What we do

learning to sew - what we do

Plan’s work in Senegal covers 4 core areas:

  • quality learning for children and youth
  • child protection
  • a safe and healthy environment
  • social and economic leadership for youth and women.

Quality education for children

We focus on improving educational facilities by constructing, rehabilitating and equipping classrooms, as well as training teachers, so that children can receive a quality education.

Plan also supports the use of alternative educational systems, such as Koranic and Arabic schools, which are appreciated by families, especially in rural areas. Additionally we strive to increase the success rate of children completing their studies, and increase the enrolment number of children into school each year, at primary school, especially for girls.

Child protection

We work with families and communities to protect children, especially girls, from gender-based violence. In communities where traditional harmful practices are widespread, Plan reinforces and expedites ongoing local efforts to reduce the practices. At the national level we aim to see the Child Code being made law during the next 5 years.

Health care for children in early years

Plan encourages women to go to pre-natal and ante-natal consultations to monitor the health of their child. Our health programmes also focus on fighting malaria and immunising children under 5 years old against major diseases.
Social and economic leadership for youth and women.

Plan promotes leadership of children, youth and women and empowers them to realise their rights as citizens. We actively engage children and youth, especially girls, in decision making and support women and youth from 15 to 24 years old to become economically active.