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What we do

group shot - what we do

Plan’s work in Mali covers 4 core areas, all of which are rooted in the rights of the child:

  • Child survival and maternal health
  • Education and development
  • Child protection and participation
  • Livelihood security

Child survival and maternal health

Plan Mali works to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health. Providing health clinics for parents and their children, as well as guidance during pregnancies, has helped improve these rates in Mali.

Communities actively participate in promoting the dangers of child and maternal health during pregnancy. Plan also supports children to take an active role in regular radio broadcasts, to raise awareness of health issues in the community.

Education and development

Plan has been supporting communities to see and understand the advantages of girls’ education and early childhood education.

Plan has helped communities within its Programme Units to realise the importance of education, and has held workshops and training sessions for teachers to enhance their teaching skills. Committee has been set up within these schools with Plan’s support, allowing children and adults to ensure that their schools are run affectively.

Child protection and participation

Plan has made encouraging accomplishments in terms of child protection and participation. Female genital cutting, which was a taboo subject for a very long time, is now openly discussed inside communities.

Children are also now more active in preparing their communities should a disaster occur; and take part in the recovery process of their communities.

With the Universal Birth Registration, which provides children with an official identity, Plan is working to give children greater protection and access to services such as education and health.

Livelihood security

Through microfinance projects, Plan has developed and supported savings and loans systems for communities to help them set up their own businesses, save income and provide for their families.