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What we do

 classroom shot - what we doPlan’s work in Liberia covers 5 core areas, all of which are rooted in the rights of the child:

  • increasing access to birth registration services
  • supporting the capacity of caregivers
  • improving children’s access to basic education
  • promoting gender equality
  • increasing the capacity of Plan’s partners

Increasing access to birth registration services

A birth certificate gives children easier access to social services, such as health care and education, and helps to protect them from child marriage, child labour and trafficking.

We train health workers in recording and registering births and promote the importance of birth registration throughout communities.

Supporting the capacity of caregivers

In many rural areas babies are delivered by traditional birth assistants (TBAs), who lack adequate training and appropriate equipment. This project trains and supports TBAs - providing them with improved birth delivery kits and facilities in communities.

Improving children’s access to a basic education

The goal of this programme is to re-establish and increase children’s access to quality primary education in post-conflict Liberia.

Most primary schools were destroyed by the civil war. Plan’s focus has moved from rapid education, where we worked to help children return to learning as quickly as possible, to supporting long-term primary education.

We are also supporting the ministry of education in its efforts to develop an early childhood education policy for Liberia.

Promoting gender equality

A ‘girls’ empowerment through education’ project is currently being piloted, which aims to provide girls with additional learning support in order to attract them to, and keep them in school until completion.
Initiatives include training teachers in gender sensitive teaching, improving the sanitation and recreation facilities at schools, improving reading skills and information access.

Increasing the capacity of Plan’s partners

Plan is working with the government and other national partners to pursue issues that impact children across the country. This means pushing for policy formulation and other activities that have a national reach.

For example, we are collaborating with national stakeholders in order to support the reinstatement of birth registration in Liberia, formulating an early childhood development policy and providing emergency health assistance to Liberia returnees, including mothers and children.