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What we do

Plan’s work in Guinea-Bissau covers 4 core areas, all of which are rooted in the rights of the child:

  • quality basic education
  • mother and child health care
  • potable water and sanitation
  • children’s role in civil society.

Quality basic education

Plan Guinea-Bissau works to increase access to quality basic education for all children, and decrease drop-out and repetition rates.

The returns on investment in basic education are very high and there are knock-on benefits: better health and nutrition, reductions in the spread of HIV and other diseases and also new employment opportunities.

Mother and child health care

We work to improve access to quality basic health care in communities, supporting local efforts to expand the depth and use of effective preventive health care, including in the areas of child survival and reproductive health services.

Potable water and sanitation

This programme is an important ingredient in helping children to  survive and draws heavily on community participation, from installation to management and maintenance.

We support communities in the construction and rehabilitation of wells and the installation of hand-pumps to help increase access to safe drinking water, hygiene and sanitation services.

Children’s role in civil society

Children have the right to participate in decisions that affect their lives. When children’s voices are heard and their experiences are taken into account, better decisions can be taken on their behalf. Participation in decision-making also helps children to prepare for their more formal civic responsibilities as adults.

Through advocacy, Plan Guinea-Bissau promotes the rights of children, and generates pressure on the government to promulgate and enforce laws to protect the civil rights of children and women.