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What we do

Fabiola, Cameroon

Plan promotes quality education in a safe learning environment.

Plan works with and through children, their families, communities and partners to implement development programs using the Child Centred Community Development ( CCCD) approach. Child participation and protection are the core values underlining all our activities. Plan’s interventions focus in promoting children’s rights in 4 main domains: Education, health, protection and Economic Security.


In Cameroon, low school attendance, low completion rate and the rate of high school dropouts remain a challenge. Unsafe school environment, inappropriate curricula and insufficient learning material lead to poor quality education which affects many children and youths, with a greater impact on girls. In collaboration with all stakeholders, Plan promotes an inclusive, safe, healthy and child-friendly learning environment, to achieve quality education.


The first two years in life are the most critical in children’s development, and determine the cognitive, physical, and emotional potential of the child. Insufficient child health has severe consequences. Plan supports a range of efforts that reduce child and maternal mortality and increase child survival. Particular emphasis is laid on the five main causes of death for under 5 children: malaria, diarrhoea, acute respiratory diseases, measles and malnutrition.

Child protection

In Cameroon, children and young people still suffer from violence either at home, at school or in the community. Abuse against children has a devastating effect on children, as it threatens their survival, development and participation. Protecting children from violence is a key priority for Plan. Plan develops strategies with a wide range of actors, including children themselves, to tackle violence against them.

Economic Security

Children who live in households without sufficient resources have difficulties to meet their basic needs, such as food, water, shelter and education. Plan Cameroon helps to improve families’ capacity to meet children’s basic needs by facilitating access to appropriate sustainable financial services, especially for women who are the primary care givers for children.