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What we do

Children carrying water from a well

Plan promotes good hygiene and sanitation in communities

Plan's work in Cameroon covers 5 core areas, all of which are rooted in the rights of the child:

  • child survival and development
  • education and skills training
  • sustainable rural livelihoods
  • building relationships
  • Baka rights and dignity project (promotes the integration of the Baka tribe).

Child survival and development

This programme addresses health issues relating to children aged under 5, including malaria, malnutrition, pneumonia, diarrheoa, HIV and AIDS, and illnesses that can be prevented with vaccines.

We also aim to increase access to services for early childhood stimulation, increase early birth registration, and promote good hygiene and sanitation in families and communities.

Plan Cameroon also provides support to children orphaned by HIV and AIDS, and other vulnerable children, through sensitisation sessions  that enable them to make clear choices about sexual behaviour and family planning.

Education and skills training

We work to ensure that children older than 13 in rural areas receive adequate education and life-skills for a balanced and productive life. This programme promotes participation in community development and decision-making processes, HIV prevention, life skills and vocational skills training.

Sustainable rural livelihoods

This programme addresses issues related to food security and family income.  We promote agricultural production and access to financial services for small-scale business development. We also work to increase access to financial services by promoting non-agricultural income generation activities.

Building relationships

We work to strengthen local development institutions, associations and other organisations to respond to the development needs of their constituencies. We also assist these organisations and institutions to develop and maintain critical relationships through which they can mobilise resources for development.

Children have a right to participate in decisions that affect their lives. We place children at the heart of everything we do – ensuring that they take an active role in indentifying major problems and implementing solutions.

Promoting the rights and dignity of the Baka tribe

This programme promotes the integration of the Bakas into mainstream Cameroonian society. The Bakas, forest dwellers who have until recently lived as hunters and gatherers, are slowly being introduced to education, improved hygiene practices, agriculture, and modern health care.

We work to build self-esteem among this group as they deal with the challenges of integrating with the rest of society.