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Learn Without Fear: The global campaign to end violence in schools

Cruel and humiliating forms of psychological punishment, gender-based violence and bullying remain a daily reality for millions of children.

Every child has the right to a safe school environment. The Learn Without Fear campaign aims to end violence against children in all schools.

Global targets

Plan's vision is of a world where children can go to school in safety and expect a quality learning experience without fear or threats of violence.

Learn Without Fear targets 3 of the most common and damaging forms of violence in schools: sexual violence, bullying and corporal punishment.

The campaign will be truly global in scale and places special focus on the 48 developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America in which Plan works.

Our goals

Key aims of the campaign include:

  • Persuading governments to outlaw all forms of violence against children in school, and to enforce those laws.
  • Working with school leaders and teachers to create violence-free schools and promote alternative discipline methods to corporal punishment.
  • Creating a global momentum for change, including increased resources from international donors and governments to tackle violence in schools in developing countries.

Join our campaign and help us to influence governments, teachers, parents and others to prevent violence and protect children at school.

Read about the Learn Without Fear report and research

Learn Without Fear is brought to you by Plan - a leading children's organisation working in 48 developing countries to improve the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged young people.

Help end violence in schools

Everyone benefits from reducing violence in schools

Everyone can play their part in reducing school violence

Research shows corporal punishment can cause children to feel suicidal

Children have the right to be safe at school

90 countries legally permit corporal punishment in schools

No country is immune from violence in schools

Violence in schools happens everywhere, every day

Violence in schools has devastating long-term consequences

All violence in schools is preventable

In Zambia one-third of 13-15 year-olds have been raped

Children who suffer family violence are more likely to be bullies

Our teachers should be there to teach us and not to touch us where we don't want or to solicit love favours from us girls. We are irritated by love advances from teachers. I feel like disappearing from the world if a person who is supposed to protect me instead destroys me.

Girl, 15 years old, Uganda