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Plan strategy to 2015 coverToday, hundreds of millions of children remain without their rights. We believe this is totally unacceptable. Our strategy explains how Plan is going to address those wrongs and work towards enabling every child to have rights and opportunities.

Plan’s strategy to 2015 has one goal: to reach as many children as possible, particularly those who are excluded or marginalised, with high-quality programmes that deliver long-lasting benefits.

The strategy focuses on areas that will have the biggest impact in driving us towards our one goal. We will:

  • increase the number of individual and institutional supporters from existing and new fundraising countries
  • improve our policies, systems and processes
  • collaborate more strategically with other organisations.

One Plan

There is also a bigger ambition to take into account. In the process of delivering this strategy, we are determined to become ’One Plan’ - a more effective, efficient and collaborative organisation whose individual parts are all striving towards our one goal.

The strategy responds to global trends including increasing urbanisation, greater inequalities within populations, more disasters and a changing climate, pockets of fast-growing youth populations, and new insights into poverty.

In particular it responds to the findings of the 2010 mid-term review of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals, which concluded that, despite some successes, specific groups are still missing out. Without addressing marginalised and excluded groups, the MDGs will not be achieved.

Read Plan's strategy to 2015:

  • Download pdf : English (1.8 mb, 12 pages)