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Video: Girl Power song

To mark International Women’s Day, 8 March, we're celebrating the girls who will grow up to become tomorrow's #WonderWomen. See how these girls from Eastern Uganda are supporting each other through school and spreading the message about girls' education through their song, Girl Power.

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Girl Power was written and performed by this 10 girl choir at a girls’ college in the Eastern region of Uganda. Part of a 100-member girls’ club at the secondary school, the girls work together to support each other through their studies, and also spread the message of girls’ education. 

President of the club Sharon Babirye says: “When a girl is economically empowered, she becomes financially independent and this helps her avoid child marriage and early pregnancy. She can be whatever she wants.”

Empowered by education

Girls are empowered by education and the resulting financial independence – this is the message behind the song's lyrics.

These girls are already on their way to creating their own income: they make mats, tablecloths, soap and mosquito repellent to earn money and share between them. They buy books or pay for transport to school. 

In addition to writing songs, the girls spread the message about girls’ education through radio shows, theatre and visiting parents who don’t want to send their children to school.

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