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Syrian refugee crisis appeal

Please support our vital work and donate to the Syrian refugee appeal today.

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Please support our work, so we can help more refugees


Help Syrian child refugees

Desperate families forced to leave Syria by the long war are heading to neighbouring countries and to Europe, causing the continent’s worst refugee crisis in 60 years. Those children who survive the perilous journey arrive physically and mentally exhausted. Due to their age and vulnerability, children continue to face extreme challenges once they settle into safer grounds; the displacement has severe impacts on their health, education and well-being.

In Egypt, Plan International is helping Syrian refugee children and their families with child protection, education and psychosocial needs. We’re also renovating and furnishing 40 public schools, besides providing other educational services, in Greater Cairo, Alexandria and Damietta, for Syrian refugee children. This will benefit nearly 60,000 Syrian and Egyptian children over the next 2 years.

Plan International is also working with partners in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Germany, but we urgently need to upscale our response. 

Please donate now by selecting your nearest office from the drop-down box above, so we can help even more child refugees.