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Stories about sex, relationships and consent

Join two friends as they discuss stories on, and reflect on their own experiences, of sex, relationships and consent.

Sexuality, relationships, consent, report

This comic and film is based on research in Uganda and Ecuador which investigates young people’s perspectives of sexual wellbeing and consent. The comic and film explore peer pressure, social norms and gender stereotypes, and shed light on the complexity of sexual consent. The comic and film also show us the difference that comprehensive sexuality education can make and the importance of open and safe communication to encourage positive sexual wellbeing and consensual relationships. 

Adolescent sexuality is taboo across the world. As a result, young people get little information despite the fact that many become sexually active in their early teens and have experiences and make decisions that can affect the rest of their lives. 

The comic and film openly discuss the questions and experiences that many young people face related to their bodies, relationships and sexual experiences. They encourage a sex-positive approach and call for open conversations and accurate information about sex and relationships with partners, friends, parents and schools. 

“We need more spaces to talk openly, freely and without worries and shame.

A sex-positive approach focuses on supporting and enabling adolescents and young people to explore, experience and express their sexuality in healthy, positive, pleasurable and safe ways, rather than only focusing on preventing negative health consequences. Sex-positive approaches address risks and concerns associated with sexuality without reinforcing fear, shame or taboo. This can support young people to have safe, respectful, and enjoyable relationships and enable them to make decisions about their own bodies and lives.

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The comic and film form part of a larger research project which also includes findings from data collection in Uganda and Ecuador and a literature review on young people’s perspectives of sexual wellbeing and consent.

Sexual and reproductive health and rights, Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE), Sexual and reproductive health services