Overview: Skills and Opportunities for Youth Employment

1 May 2020

Our Area of Global Distinctiveness (AoGD) overview describes the results that we want to achieve for children and particularly for girls, the most important strategies we want to focus on as an organisation and the most important areas of work where we want to invest to build coherent, gender-transformative programming.

Problems we’re facing: 

  • 1.8 BILLION people (under the age of 25) possess the potential to drive unprecedented social and economic progress
  • 71 million young people are unemployed 
  • 3 out of 4 young people not in education, employment or training are women. They are also more likely to be unemployed in several regions
  • 600 million jobs are needed to absorb 71 million young people who are currently unemployed

The Skills & Opportunities for Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship (SOYEE) focuses on ensuring that vulnerable and excluded young people, especially young women, are resilient and are actively engaged in decent work of their choosing, be it waged or self-employed.

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Skills and work, Savings groups, Vocational training