Economic Empowerment in the World of Work

2 February 2021

This paper sets out Plan International's policy position on economic empowerment in the world of work, with a focus on youth, especially girls and young and women.

Plan International believes the foundations for an economically empowered generation must be laid early.

Discrimination and harmful social norms, particularly gender norms, affect us from childhood, and disproportionately impact girls. Gender inequality persists across the lifecycle, accompanying girls into adulthood and impacting their ability to make decisions, access education and training, secure decent work, challenge gender stereotypes, reach senior positions and be paid a living wage.

A lifecycle approach which tackles discrimination from birth, overcomes barriers and offers support and opportunity at each life stage, is vital to enable young people to become economically empowered and to break the economic dependence experienced by many girls and women.

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Skills and work, Livelihoods, Vocational training