Adolescent Girls in Crisis: Impact of migration policies in Ciudad Juarez

Girls, adolescents, and women on the move in Mexico are in an extremely vulnerable situation, facing specific risks and particular needs during their passage. The lack of information on migration policies increases their exposure to protection risks, with serious consequences for their lives.

Front cover of the executive summary Adolescent Girls in Crisis.

There has been an increase in the incidence of crimes directed against migrant girls, adolescents, and women in Ciudad Juarez, a crucial migration point in Mexico. These incidents include kidnappings, extortion, and acts of physical violence. These illegal activities have a significant impact, increasing their vulnerability and negatively affecting their mental and physical well-being.

This study analyses in depth the impacts of migration policies on women, children, and adolescents at the border of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. It offers a comprehensive exploration of the complexities faced by this population on the move at one of the critical migration points. 

The study seeks to offer an overview of the obstacles and potentialities of the current situation, providing a solid basis for developing recommendations to improve the situation of people on the move at the Ciudad Juarez border. It is, as such, a call for reflection and action. In doing so, it underscores the importance of approaching migration from a human rights perspective, ensuring that the measures adopted promote the protection, well-being, safety, and dignity of all people on the move, especially women, girls, boys, and adolescents.

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Emergencies, Protection from violence, Gender-based violence, Migrant and displaced children