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Girls' rights and realities - Nicaragua


Counting the Invisible: Girls' rights and realities - Technical report - Nicaragua

Findings in Nicaragua

Map showing survey location in Nicaragua

  • Violence against women and girls is widespread in Nicaragua. 
  • Girls reported that they did not feel safe in their homes, in their relationships and on the streets.
  • Early pregnancy was directly associated with various manifestations of violence, negatively impacting girls’ opportunities and wellbeing and restricting their progress in life.

Girls are at risk of being left behind unless their unique voices can be heard. In an effort to further the global understanding of adolescent girls' rights, Plan International commissioned a three-country study aiming to uncover the perceptions and experiences of girls on a set of themes related to the Global Goals: girls’ enabling environment ● care and domestic work in the home ● education quality and value ● early pregnancy ● early marriage ● violence against girls ● safety in public places ● social relations ● interpersonal communications

Counting the Invisible

Key research findings of the three studies are published in our Counting the Invisible report, exploring the current state of gender data and exposing the gaps.


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