Calling for protection of children, cessation of violence and unhindered humanitarian access in Jenin 

4 July 2023

As a humanitarian organisation committed to protecting children affected by war and conflict, Plan International is deeply concerned by the recent escalation of violence in Jenin, West Bank.  

According to recent reports and the United Nations, at least 10 Palestinians, including children, have been killed, and dozens injured. Several people in Jenin, including children, have reportedly been arrested. Civilian infrastructure has been heavily damaged, leaving many families living in fear, and without water and electricity, and homes and roads destroyed.  The killing and maiming of children are unacceptable and is a grave violation of children’s rights. 

Humanitarian access must be granted

Plan International condemns the excessive use of force and calls on all parties involved to uphold their responsibility to protect civilians, especially children, deescalate the situation and to comply with their obligations under International Humanitarian Law.  

We are disturbed by reports of the denial of humanitarian access to Jenin refugee camp. We call upon all parties involved in the conflict to ensure unhindered access for humanitarian workers and humanitarian relief supplies. 

Dr Unni Krishnan, Global Humanitarian Director for Plan International, said: “The endless violence in the West Bank and Gaza has a severe impact on the well-being of children and youth, affecting their physical safety, mental health and well-being. Children have the right to live their lives without fear, and their safety and protection must be upheld. Plan International along with other humanitarian agencies is calling on all parties involved to immediately de-escalate the situation, cease the violence and ensure unhindered humanitarian access.”