Girls Get Equal in Nepal

Girls Get Equal is a campaign for girl’s power, voice and leadership.

Our vision is a world where girls and young women, in all their diversity, are able to make decisions about their lives and shape the world around them.

For girls and young women to lead change themselves, we must engage power holders so girls have equal power to take part in the decisions that affect their lives. Girls must have equal freedom to speak up in public and online without fear of violence and harassment, and equal representation so they are no longer held back by harmful stereotypes in the media.

In October 2018, Plan International launched Girls Get Equal, a global game-changing initiative set to transform the very core of what it means to achieve equality for girls and young women.

Girls Get Equal campaign activities in Nepal

The primary audience for the campaign is young people aged 15-24. Campaign activities are youth-led wherever possible, meaning their voices, actions and lived realities inform our thinking and planning throughout.

Girls and young people come together to co-design the campaign strategy and activities. We have established YouthHub, a safe space to bring together young people from diverse backgrounds to share their thoughts on making the campaign youth-friendly and girl-centred.

Current Girls Get Equal activities in Nepal:

  • Art is Power was launched in 2019 to mark International Day of the Girl and is a platform for marginalised girls to connect and express themselves through art.
  • The Youth Reporter project has trained 52 young people on mobile journalism and digital campaigning. The young people have been supported to share their stories with other young people and decision makers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Girls Out Loud Nepal is a private Facebook group for girls and young women between 13 and 24 to discuss key gender issues. The safe space builds confidence and resilience in girls and allows them to share their experiences with their peers.
  • Evidence-based advocacy to achieve policy change stemming from research that includes our partners and young people. This includes research on the representation of women and girls in Nepal’s cinema.
  • #WomenMakeFilms is calling for a drastic change in the way girls and young women are represented by storytellers. Our research in this area has been used to spark debate and we have trained 10 young female filmmakers to produce films calling for gender equality that have been screened nationally and internationally.