Girls Get Equal in Nepal

Girls Get Equal is a campaign for girl’s power, voice, and leadership.

Our vision is a world where girls and young women, in all their diversity, can make decisions about their lives and shape the world around them.

Girls Get Equal campaign activities in Nepal

Empowering girls means giving them a voice in shaping their future, free from fear and media stereotypes. In October 2018, Plan International Nepal launched Girls Get Equal, a global initiative redefining gender equality for girls and young women.

Our campaign centres on those aged 15-24, emphasising youth leadership and real-life experiences to guide the campaign. The YouthHub provides a secure space where girls and young individuals co-create the campaign’s strategy, ensuring it remains youth-focused and empowers girls worldwide.

A girl showcasing her arts, a butterfly made during Art is Power workshop.

Art is Power: empowering girls through creativity

Launched in 2019 on International Day of the Girl, Art is Power is a creative initiative under the Girls Get Equal campaign. It’s a platform where marginalised girls and boys express their views on girls’ rights, leadership, and their role as change-makers in society through art. Join us in celebrating their strength and creativity.

Youth activists holding their paintings on climate justice and education.


Youth activists united through art to break climate change silence.

Twenty youth activists in Nepal break climate change silence through ‘artivism’, shedding light on the intersectionality of climate justice and gender inequality.

Girls Takeover

Girls Takeover is a global initiative where young girls assume leadership roles to advocate for gender equality. By stepping into traditionally male-dominated positions, they challenge societal norms and emphasise girls’ potential. This movement empowers girls to address issues like gender-based discrimination and violence while promoting a more equitable world.

Shreesti and H.E. Riina-Riikka Heikka, the Ambassador of Finland posing for a photo.

Two female filmmakers using hi-tech camera to shoot film.

Women make films

We’re advocating for a significant shift in how girls and young women are portrayed in storytelling. Our research has ignited crucial discussions, and we’ve empowered 10 young female filmmakers to create films promoting gender equality, showcased both nationally and globally.

Girls Out Loud

Our private Facebook group, tailored for girls and young women aged 13 to 24, provides a secure platform to engage in meaningful discussions about critical gender-related topics. This safe space fosters confidence and resilience, enabling girls to connect with peers and share their valuable experiences.

Girls participating in Girls Out Loud event.

Two youth reporters using their mobile phone to film a story.

Youth reporters

The Youth Reporter Project empowers youth in creative media and journalism, training them as citizen journalists who use smartphones to share impactful content; it has trained 52 young individuals, enabling them to share their stories and insights with peers and decision-makers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Storming the Norms

Girls and young women are urging key stakeholders in the Asia and Pacific regions to address child, early, and forced marriage as a critical issue. Their local activism is driving progress, and they call for flexible funding to support their youth-led initiatives in the fight against child, early, and forced marriage.

Bipasa holds up her hands with 'My Body, My Right' written across them.


A hub for youth activists and emerging leaders in Nepal where they can form ideas, interact, and innovate. This space connects and unites change agents, youth-led organisations, initiatives, and individuals so they can collaboratively address the challenges impacting their lives. YouthHub Nepal aims to empower young people by enhancing their leadership skills and strengthening youth movements.

There girls holding placards on body positivity messages.

A weekly radio program art work.

Suna Saathi Mero Katha

Suna Saathi Mero Katha is a vibrant weekly radio programme that reaches far and wide, spanning 12 FM stations and connecting with diverse rural communities across Nepal.

This isn’t just any radio show; it’s a dynamic platform that courageously explores various topics and issues, challenging harmful gender stereotypes along the way.