Procurement in Nepal

Information for potential suppliers about recent procurement requests from Plan International Nepal.

We welcome all relevant bidders who meet the highest ethical standards in their business relationships for the procurements listed below.

EOI submission template

Please download the EOI submission template.

eOI submission template


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Seeking solutions through Plan International Nepal’s “The Challenge Fund”

Plan International Nepal is seeking applications from registered not-for-profit groups or organisations and individuals with valid documents (PAN certificate).

For more details download the file below.

TOR – Challange Fund


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Information template

Plan International Nepal invites suppliers to submit a response to this RFI. The purpose of the RFI at this stage is to prequalify suppliers based on their responses. RFI invitations will be considered solely for the purposes of building a greater understanding of the marketplace and industry’s ability to fulfil our requirements. Interested vendors or firms registered in Nepal are requested to send the RFI.

For more details download the file below.

Request for Information Template


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Mastering service agreement for cash and voucher assistance programming

Plan International Nepal invites external firms to submit a response to this RFI to provide digital CVA services in any development or humanitarian response within the country.

For more details download the file below.

ToR- Master Service Agreement for Cash programming


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