What we do in Nepal

Find out more about Plan International’s key areas of work in Nepal.

Families receive relief aid from Plan International in Nepal

Emergency response

Working with children and communities to reduce the risks caused by disasters.

Kreetisha, 18, has her COVID-19 vaccination

COVID-19 response

Supporting the government response to contain the COVID-19 pandemic in 9 districts across Nepal.

Young people taking part in an anti-trafficking project

Preventing trafficking

Preventing child and human trafficking, improving repatriation and supporting survivors.

Girls looking at a laptop in Nepal


We support girls to learn skills required to follow their ambitions and achieve a positive future.

Girls campaigning against child marriage in Nepal

Lead and decide

We’re working alongside children and communities to end harmful norms and practices so girls can make key decisions about their bodies and futures.

Person, Human, Female


We’re promoting children’s full and healthy early development and are protecting them from all forms of violence and exploitation so they can fulfill their potential.

Girl campaigners from Nepal

Ending child marriage

We’re working to end child marriage alongside girls, their communities and power holders at all levels.

Girls taking part in the Girls Get Equal campaign

Girls Get Equal

Girls Get Equal is a campaign for girl’s power, voice and leadership.

Girls at school in Nepal

Quality education

We are changing the way schooling is delivered so it meets children’s needs in a fast-changing world, and in a way that reduces the widening inequalities in access to education.

Sushma working as an excavator operator

Promoting young women’s employment

We provide market-driven skills training for young women aged 18-24 to create job or entrepreneurship opportunities.