COVID-19 response in Nepal

To support the government in its effort to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, Plan International Nepal is working with communities through its response in 9 districts across the country.

Kreetisha, 18, has her COVID-19 vaccination

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Nepal, we are working with our development partners in coordination with local government in the following sectors:

  • Education and early childhood development
  • Health and hygiene
  • Cash transfers
  • Child protection.  

Our emergency response plan contributes to the prevention of the transmission of COVID-19 and reduces the social impact within the most vulnerable groups including girls, women and children with disabilities in Nepal. Our response will benefit 596,685 people including 156,420 girls who are the most vulnerable where we work.

The response supports communities to adopt adequate COVID-19 prevention and control behaviors and enhances positive coping mechanisms within vulnerable communities. We ensure the engagement and leadership of youth and girls in our response.

Through our response, we have provided medical equipment including personal protective equipment to health facilities for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Also, Plan International Nepal has distributed non-food items to communities so they can set up quarantine. 

About 13,000 vulnerable families have benefitted from cash support distributed at household levels to help maintain social distancing. Similarly, about 21,000 seasonal migrants who came back from India received ready-to-eat meals, soap, and face masks at border points in Banke. 

Find out more about our response to the crisis in Nepal by downloading our latest fact sheet below.

Plan International Nepal COVID-19 response update


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E-course on COVID-19 and Nutrition

With the support of Plan International Nepal and under the YouthHub coalition, our partner organisation SOCHAI developed an e-course on COVID-19 and nutrition.

This course is developed to educate and increase the awareness of people, especially youths and adolescents, about COVID-19 and nutrition. Through this course, they will learn about COVID-19, how to prevent and treat it, the importance of nutrition in different stages of life and the importance of nutrition during COVID-19 infections.

The e-course includes quizzes to support young people’s learning and they can get a certificate once they complete the course after completing tests. Some additional resources are also incorporated within the course content for the convenience of participants and the effectiveness of the course.

The course is also available offline and can be shared with communities, youth networks and young people in general.  

Expected outcomes: 

By the end of the course, participants are expected to be able to:  

  • Identify and talk abouit COVID-19, its symptoms, prevention measures and treatments 
  • Describe ways to ensure good nutrition throughout the life cycle of the virus
  • Understand the importance of nutrition during COVID-19 infections.