Case Studies

Goat farming turns Ajani’s passion into profit

With updated information and skills in goat farming, 22-year-old Ajani is expanding her family's goat farming business.
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Aarati’s thriving tailoring shop

Forced into early marriage, Aarati's education was abruptly halted. However, she has now established herself as a young businesswoman in her community.
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Across generations- periods through the ages

Three generations – grandmother, Tilki, her daughter, Rita and granddaughter, Pushpa, share their different experiences of managing their periods.
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Deukali and her community rebuild together

Introducing Deukali, a 38-year-old who is collaborating with her community to acquire new skills and essential tools to clear debris from her damaged home. She is currently constructing a temporary…
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Deepa and Parbir: Earning while rebuilding their community

After an earthquake destroyed their home and community, Deepa and Parbir acquired new skills to help rebuild their community while earning an income.
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Manbir uses skill to build a temporary shelter after earthquake…

Undeterred by disability, Manbir built his family a transitional shelter with such skill it enabled other villagers to learn from his work.
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Devi: Child bride to hairdressing professional

Devi, 24, has become a role model for other girls in her village after opening her own hairdressing salon, despite getting married early at 16.
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Dekbir rebuilds his home after Jajarkot earthquake

Dekbir, born with a disability and compelled to leave school in order to assist his family, is rebuilding his home following the Jajarkot earthquake.
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Jajarkot earthquake, Birvi’s journey of loss and hope

Birvi, 66, is a survivor left homeless after the recent earthquake. Birvi battles cold nights as she bravely begins to rebuild her life.
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Girls fight harmful traditional practices

Fourteen- year-old Attima from Jumla wants to become a lawyer to advocate for children's right to end harmful traditional practices in Nepal.
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Girls use entrepreneurship to fund their education

Shristi has developed her livlihood skills and become an entrepreneur so she can fund and continue her studies.
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Babita uses art to fight climate change

Babita is passionate about her artivism, using it to advocate for girls' education amidst the harsh realities of climate change.
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