Case Studies

A leader in the making: Girls Takeover

Fifteen-year-old girls’ rights activist Neha takes over the role of  Secretary General of the NGO Federation of Nepal for a day.
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Rajina takes over as Minister of Education and Culture

Rajina proves disability is no barrier to leadership as she takes on the role of Minister of Education and Culture for a day.
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Trailblazing female tour guide

Meet Tansuwa, a young trekking guide who’s supporting her family and showing the important role women can play in tourism.
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Girls’ rights activist takes over parliament

Young activist Sharmila took over the role of Member of Parliament for a day in her relentless pursuit to end child marriage.
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Sharing skills and campaigning for girls’ education and training…

Successful tailor Rishmani is sharing her skills, teaching young women, and campaigning on the importance of girls' education and training.
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Female electrician and community leader

In a profession traditionally reserved for men, female electrician Bipana has redefined the rules and flipped the switch on gender norms.
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Mother’s activism improves child education in her community…

Gulfi's activism led to improved educational facilities and community awareness of the pivotal role of parenting in a child’s education.
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A heart patient’s journey to entrepreneurial success

Sandhya, a tenacious individual, defied adversity and health challenges to become a successful entrepreneur who runs her own canteen.
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Circus performer turned empowered entrepreneur

Escaping life as a child circus performer, Sajiya used skills learnt in a Plan International training programme to start her own business.
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Harmonising diplomacy and youth advocacy for a brighter future…

Bimu from Jumla, is a dynamic advocate for gender equality and youth empowerment. Her powerful voice and unwavering commitment inspire change far beyond her years, making her a beacon of hope…
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Akriti’s inclusive leadership principles

Akriti, 21, takes on a leadership role at Standard Chartered Bank, learning about the type of leader she wants to be to support other girls.
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Monika takes over the ministry

Seventeen-year-old Monika assumed the role of Social Development Minister, challenging gender stereotypes and advocating for change.
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