Case Studies

Disability – not a hindrance to leadership

Meet 16-year-old Saruna, who has defied societal stereotypes and prejudice to become a symbol of empowerment for girls with disabilities.
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Young leader inspires equality at school

Prema’s menstrual health hygiene, gender equality and quality education advocacy leads to positive changes at her school and in her community.
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Nurturing student innovation in Dolpa

Jivan, Lucky, and Srijana are students from Dolpa learning technology and innovation to solve problems using local resources.
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Driving towards equality

Bali embarks on a driving programme, determined to show that driving trucks and heavy vehicles is not just a man’s domain. 
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Child protection network combats child trafficking in Nepal

Nizam is reunited with his mother with help from Plan International's cross-border child protection network, working to combat child trafficking in Nepal.
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Mothers learn positive parenting skills together

Kunta shares her experience of her local mothers' group, where she learnt about positive parenting, nutrition and early development.
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Driven young entrepreneur supports her family and community

Prativa uses her entrepreneurial and vocational skills to open a shop, allowing her to support her family and community.
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Transforming tresses and tradition

Male hairdresser Rampati is challenging societal norms and proving that women can excel in traditionally male-dominated professions.
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Skills training empowers young women and challenges norms

Ashmita, Anjali, and Amrita are among 200 young women in Bardiya who received vocational training. Now they own a mobile repair center.
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Literacy support for children with special educational needs…

Bimal who has disabilities improved his reading and writing skills after attending the remedial classes in his school.
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Building healthy relationships for young parents

Sangita and Vivek are young parents learning positive parenting in their community to support their children.
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Children stay in school to prevent child marriages

Pratikshya is among 1,200 children in Kalikot who are being supported with extra classes so they stay in school and build positive futures.
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