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My True Love

Girls around the world face many challenges. Some are unable to go to school. Others are forced to get married and have babies well before they are ready. Many more face daily struggles to make their voices heard. But times are changing and girls everywhere are seizing the opportunity to stand up and be counted.

Follow the hashtag #MyTrueLove on Twitter and tell us what you’re loving this Valentine’s Day.

Interact with the photos below to watch, listen or read about what these girls have to say about #MyTrueLove.

Sara, Salvador


Evelyn, Uganda

Delphine, Zimbabwe

"I wash and care for my school uniform every night"

Hanyuri, Peru

“#MyTrueLove is to be a doctor to cure the sick and to help people. I love to play volleyball and hide and seek.”

Jenny, Norway

"I love dancing with friends because it makes me laugh"

Joanita, Uganda

Kimthong, Laos

“I love studying with my friends and I want to be a teacher.”

Mercy, Uganda

Marinel, Philippines

“#MyTrueLove is reading and studying because I am fond of learning new things which broadens my horizon in life. College education becomes an opportunity in many countries and I am really thankful that I can go to college and study my passion. Education is the key in fulfilling my dreams and be the person who I want to be.”

Shanin, Uganda

Lora, Zimbabwe

“#MyTrueLove is my life. Every breath I take reminds me how lucky I am be alive. I enjoy my life now and I am excited for what the future holds.”

Sharon, Uganda


For these girls, this Valentine’s Day is about having it their way and celebrating their true loves – everything from books to basketball, friends to family. Romance and relationships can come later because these girls are just too busy being themselves.

All over the world, Plan International is working with girls like these to help them find ways to have their say and become leaders in their communities. Our Because I am a Girl campaign has reached 5 million girls directly and improved the lives of more than 40 million girls and boys since 2012.

Plan International focuses its programme work for girls on education, along with issues like sexual and reproductive health, gender-based violence and economic empowerment.

The Because I am a Girl campaign is now being expanded, joining with others in the global movement for girls’ rights to not only improve access to education for all, but to tackle all the obstacles to progress that girls face.

Join Plan International's Because I am a Girl movement for girls' rights.